The 2018 Bettendorf Rotary Grant Application Cycle is open. 


Our online application system is currently down. While we work to resolve the issue, we have extended the deadline for grant proposals to November 1, 2018. Please DO NOT attempt to submit proposals online as they WILL NOT be received. This includes the online fillable Cover Page. Instead, proposals should be sent to by midnight November 1, 2018. 

Each application must include the three components outlined in further details below.  In lieu of completing our online fillable cover page, we ask that you also create a cover page (separate from your two page proposal) that includes: 


1. Name of Organization

2. Name, Address, Phone, and email of Contact Person

3. Identify if organization is for profit or not for profit 

4. Proof of 501c3 status, if applicable (submitted as an attachment)

5. Federal ID Number (EIN)

6. Mission Statement of Organization

7. Start and end dates of fiscal year

8. Amount of organization's annual budget

9. Identification of major sources of funding (for the organization's operating budget, not this project)

10. Project Title

11. Project Description (25 words or less)

12. Total cost of the project

13. Amount requested

14. Identification of pending or secured sources of funding for this project (list name, status and amount)

15. Is this a new project or a continuation/expansion of an existing project?

16. Listing of organization's Board of Directors (can also be included as an additional attachment)

Apply for a Rotary Grant

The Rotary Club of Bettendorf works with the Bettendorf Rotary Charitable Giving Fund (the Fund) to generate funds for philanthropy. The Fund is located at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. The Fund is administered by a separate board of directors that oversees the disbursement of these funds. The Fund will receive grant applications annually to support local organizations that provide basic human services, serve youth, and meet local community needs. Whenever possible, funds will be maximized through matching funds from other sources.

There will be one grant cycle in 2018 with a grant deadline of October 1, 2018. The maximum award will be $2,500 per organization. Applications must be submitted online or mailed and postmarked by the deadline date. Organizations can only receive one grant per fiscal year. A "Final Report" for all previous grants must be on file prior to submitting a new grant application.


The fund generally makes grants only to non-profit organizations. Grants are NOT awarded in the following areas:
  • Annual fundraising
  • Organizational endowment funds
  • Deficit financing
  • Grants to individuals
  • Scholarship funds
  • Political groups or political activities
  • Rotarians and their families
  • Sectarian purposes


The Fund does not award multi-year grants. When a grant check is cashed, the organization is obligated to use it for the purpose given in the application. Grant recipients are required to file a written report describing the use of the funds after the project/program is completed or nine months after the grant has been received.

Each Application must include the following three components:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Application - Please include the following information in your proposal and compile your application in the order set forth below. the narrative should not exceed 2-single-sided pages (not including the budget) using the following outline:
    • State problem addressed by the program or project and describe the need for the service.
    • Describe the goals and objectives of the program or project.
    • Describe the nature of the service to be offered and the activities which will be conducted to carry out the program or project.
    • Provide estimates of the number of people to be served.
    • Describe how you will evaluate the success of the program or project
    • Explain how the Bettendorf Rotary funding will be acknowledged in the program or project.
  3. Budget - for project or program (not total budget of organization)

In evaluating applications, the Fund gives consideration to the following factors:
  • Does the project serve Scott or Rock Island County?
  • Does the program or project address a priority community need?
  • Will the project have a significant impact on the need, what outcome will be achieved and how will it be measured? Will the Rotary funds have a measurable impact on the project or organization?
  • Does the program duplicate any other community service?
  • Does the project have a sound financial plan?
  • After this project is completed, how will funding continue? If not funded, what is the effect?
  • Does the project have a base of community support such as volunteer involvement, neighborhood participation or collaboration with other organizations?

* Required
Organization: *
Your Name *
Federal ID Number (EIN)
Are you a for profit or not for profit group? *
Are you a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization? *
If Yes, please include the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter.
Is this a new project? *
Project Title: *
Is this an enhancement/expansion/continuation of a project? *
Amount Requested: *
Total Cost of the Project: *
Describe the project in 25 words or less. *
Population Served (choose one): *

Amount of Organization's Annual Operating Budget: *
Amount of Program Budget for the Project You Are Requesting Funding For: *
Major Sources of Funding for Organization: *
Fiscal Year: *
Please list Board of Directors/Trustees: *
Additional Information/Mission Statement:
Contact Person and Title: *
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