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Noon Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at Fortune Garden

We’ll see 2 radio guys…

Scott Naumann arranged with Dan Kennedy of Clear Channel Radio to send us two voices you’ve probably heard on your radio – actually, two voices and the guys, Dan and Steve, who own them – for the April 23 meeting. They’re radio… and comedy… veterans.

Dan Deibert is a Quad City native who has hosted radio talk shows in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and can often be heard hosting the nationally syndicated
"Overnight America” show. You can also find Dan on many of the stand-up comedy stages throughout the Midwest. Dan was a runner up in the national Jay Leno Comedy Challenge and is a trained improvisational performer.

Steve Ketelaar is an ADDY award winning voice actor who can be heard in national and regional ads for KFC, Meguiars, Croplan and many more.  Steve has hosted talk radio drive time in Minneapolis and Miami and music radio morning shows in Dallas, Minneapolis and South Florida. Steve also performs stand-up comedy opening for Jeff Foxworthy and Louie Anderson.  Ketelaar began his radio career in Iowa.

Meeting Details

Wednesday,April 23rd, 2014
Meeting at Fortune Garden
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