Next Meeting

Tom McDermott, July 29th, 2015 at Crust 

An Update on QC Scouting

Google "Illowa Council Boy Scouts” and you’ll learn about "The New Cub Scout program”…the 18th annual Scouting Clays Classic (skeet shooting), Aug. 14-15, and the 2015 Popcorn Sale, which kicks off Aug. 22. Find out more on these matters and get a general update on what’s happening in the QC area’s Illowa Council and in Boy Scouting in general at the July 29 meeting when our featured speaker will be Tom McDermott, executive director, Boy Scouts Illowa Council.

The Illowa Council has 83 Boy Scout troops and 113 Cub Scout packs. They maintain a total of 245 units, serving some 7,700 youth and 2,600 adult leaders in western Illinois and eastern Iowa.

Through their services, the Illowa Boy Scout Council helps their scouts practice ethics and leadership that will prepare them to be quality citizens in their community, according to the Website, where you can find more information.






Meeting Details

Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 2015
Noon at Tanglewood Pavilion
Brad Morrison.....and his bagpipes!more

Bettendorf Rotary