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February 28th, Tanglewood Hills Pavilion

Bettendorf Rotary Winter Social

At last! It’s our after-the-holidays nearly-spring-but-still-technically-winter party. 

Forget everything about the paragraph above except for the last word. It is a party. So there will be food and beverages and other Rotarians and their spouse or significant other. And improv comedy from some Guys with Ties. Which is not to suggest a dress code. 

So if you haven’t let Secretary Johanna ( know that you and that afore-mentioned significant other are coming, stop procrastinating! Do it now, or we could come up one appetizer short. 

You’re free and the person with you comes through the door for the ridiculously low cost of $10. Doors open and beverages begin to flow at 6 p.m. Food appears at 7. Guys with Ties come on when their contract says they will

Meeting Details

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Tanglewood Hills Pavilion
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