Kevin Kraft - President

Family Information

My wife, Sue, and I have been married for 26 years. We’re originally from Racine, WI, but after 23 years in Bettendorf no place feels more like home than where we are today. We have four children, two boys and two girls. Our oldest son and daughter, Jamie and Jennifer, are married and have blessed us with five grandchildren (and a sixth on the way in 2013!), all of whom live in Chandler, AZ. Our son Kyle lives near Madison, WI, where he owns a CrossFit franchise, and our youngest daughter, Lauren, lives in San Diego and manages a community center. I like to bicycle and Sue is a power walker/runner, and a certified yoga instructor. We both love to travel.

Employment Information

At work I’m a senior vice president of investments at UBS Financial Services. I have been an investment advisor for 22 years, helping wealthy families, business owners and executives chart a comprehensive path that accomplishes their financial goals. It is truly challenging and rewarding work. Prior to that I had a wonderful 14-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor; my final stint was as the city editor at the Quad City Times, which is what brought us to the area.

My Rotary Story

I joined Rotary in June of 2008. I was looking for ways to be more involved in the community but at a higher level of participation than simply joining a non-profit board. I wanted to join an organization with a legacy of service, integrity and impact. After reviewing my choices, it was clear to me that Rotary – especially the Bettendorf Rotary Club - was that group.

Immediately after joining Rotary, new member Chelsea Powers and I were asked to renew the "New Member Project.” It was up to us to help conceive and execute a new service project. Working with fellow Rotarians and the Association of the United States Army (Rock Island Chapter), we created a retail card for active or retired military people to purchase items from local merchants at a discount. It was a wonderful success and very popular with the military recipients. We also helped sponsor a coloring contest for The Boys and Girls Club of Moline. One day, while visiting the club, Chelsea and I saw the felt tops on all three pool tables were badly worn or torn. We found a local merchant to provide us new felt at a steep discount and passed the hat around the club to raise money to make the purchase. We also found someone to install the new felt tops for free and within weeks, the pool tables looked like new!

As my second year on the board begins, I find myself heading our club’s Community Service projects. These include the coordination of two of our best activities – Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to families who might otherwise go without during the holidays. I’m looking forward to the deep gratification these programs bring to our members, as much as I’m looking forward to another great year of "service above self” from the Bettendorf Rotary Club.


Meeting Details

Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 2015
Noon at Tanglewood Pavilion
Brad Morrison.....and his bagpipes!more

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